In order for everyone to have a pleasant trip,
we ask you to agree with the following points:

  • The maximum capacity of the boats Pérola and Xuxu is 14 passengers, without exception.
  • On the day of the trip the guests have to wait on the meeting point (in front of the door of the marina), the crew will guide the group to the boat and will be given a safety briefing. Shoes will be placed in a box before entering the boat, for this we recommend shoes that are simple and easy to remove.
  • In all trips a deposit of 50€ (refundable) is charged. If you choose to bring your own drinks and food, an additional fee of 30€ (non-refundable) will be charged.
  • Payment policy: To guarantee the reservation of the date, a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the event must be made. The remaining 50% of the total amount must be paid 7 days in advance. If you wish to be invoiced with a tax payer, please indicate the details at the time of payment. 
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations 15 or more days prior to the event date - refund of the total amount paid by the client; Cancellations between 14 and 7 days prior to the event date - refund of up to 75% of the event value; Cancellations between 7 and 2 days prior to the event date - refund of up to 50% of the event value; Cancellations with 2 or less days prior to the event date - no refund will be applied. 
  • Cancellations due to adverse weather conditions: the event will be postponed to a date to be agreed upon between the client and Royal Marine. No refund of any kind will be applied. 
  • Cancellations due to technical reasons: 100% of the amount paid by the client will be refunded. Any refund will be processed no later than 14 days after the date of the event.
  • It's forbidden to bring shrimp, glass bottles of beer (onlys cans) and red wine drinks (like sangria, red wine and black vodka). Only plastic or paper cups are allowed inside the boat. It is forbidden to bring or smoke shisha inside the boat; It is forbidden to bring confetti onto the boat; The use of suntan lotion is forbidden, such as sequins and glitter products. 
  • In order for everything to start well, everyone needs to be in good health and not under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;
  • The Skipper is the person responsible for your safety, do not disturb him while he is at the controls; The Skipper can cancel the trip, or prevent someone from boarding, if he feels the need.
  • We want to have drinks and food for everyone, you are not allowed to take anything out of the fridge or other locker, only crew members are allowed. Any missing items may be charged to the customer; In order to avoid compromising the sound system, you are not allowed to touch any of the speakers or any other related device.(Unless authorized by the crew);
  • It's absolutely forbidden to spill any liquid on the speakers, any damage caused will be charged to the client; We need to do more events with this boat, please do not do anything that may compromise the next trip, any damage may be charged to the client; Do not touch any of the boat's navigation devices or control instruments. Any damage to them, may be charged to the client.
  • The Crew is well informed about the vessel and the local weather conditions. Please respect any request coming from them;
  • Some people are bothered by tobacco smoke, smoking is not allowed inside the cabin. A fine of 150€ may be applied; Smoking is forbidden on the bridge;
  • In compliance with Portuguese law and in order to avoid accidents, the consumption of alcohol by people under 18 years of age is forbidden. In case of need the crew may ask for identification;
  • To prevent accidents the crew may refuse to supply alcohol to persons who are already in advanced stages of intoxication; It is forbidden to consume or bring any type of narcotics onto the boat. The right to alert the authorities is reserved to the crew;
  • As this is a fun and relaxed trip, please respect the crew and other passengers. In case of any misunderstanding, please alert the crew immediately. They will help!;
  • This boat is equipped with life jackets, buoys and a life raft, as well as all the necessary equipment for your safety; Smaller children are more exposed to dangers, therefore all children under the age of 10 must wear a life jacket; Those who are older than 10 and feel they should wear a life jacket, please do not hesitate to ask the crew for one;
  • For your safety and for an easy management of the trip, please respect the instructions given by the crew about the allowed and forbidden areas of the boat; If you feel seasick, we have seasickness pills that we can provide, do not hesitate to ask;
  • This boat is equipped with a mixed bathroom, please respect the other passengers and keep it clean. Instructions for use will be provided by the crew;
  • Due to weather conditions and diving, sometimes the outside deck can become slippery, please be careful and respect the instructions given by the crew;
  • It is completely prohibited to enter the water without permission of the crew; It is great fun to dive from the boat into the water, but it can also be dangerous, please respect the instructions given by the crew. Know that you are diving at your own risk and responsibility. Please be careful;
  • In case of an unforeseen event such as a breakdown or bad weather conditions, the trip is considered complete when 85% of its duration has been fulfilled;
  • We are at sea, please be careful with your personal belongings so that they do not fall into the water. We do not responsible for any lost or damaged items; Please be careful when walking on the sides of the boat, for your safety always keep at least one hand free to hold on to;
  • By signing the rules, you declare knowledge about the cancellation policy;
  • Have a great time and enjoy the view! Enjoy laughing and taking lots of pictures; For any additional information ask the crew members;
  • Thanks for your attention, RM Private Portugal, Lda

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1. I confirm that I have read and accepted the rules, terms and conditions of RM Private Portugal, Lda;

2. I authorize the collection of Image and Video, for their possible use in social networks;

3. I authorize that my data (email and mobile number) be used for matters related to my tour.

Summer: Towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and some easy shoewear.

Winter: Confortable and warm clothes. We have blankets on board.

Yes it is possible to dive. Please speak with the crew to decide your prefered route. 

Since you're bringing your own food and drinks, an additional fee of 25€ will be charged.
You should also bring your own supplies and be responsible for them (cups, plates, napkins, bowls, silverware...) 

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